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Flood Lighting the Tower of All Saints

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You may have noticed that the church tower has been in darkness for the past few weeks after having been floodlit every night for over a year.

We turned the lights on permanently as a security measure after the roof lead was stolen in late March 2019. However, that has increasingly seemed to be a profligate waste of energy as well as depriving villagers of the opportunity to sponsor the lighting of the tower to signify some event or date of importance: a birthday, anniversary or date for particularly remembering someone. We really appreciated the support that some of you have given to the church over the years through this sponsorship of the tower light. It has amounted to nearly a thousand pounds each year, mostly donated around Christmas.

Recently, the roof alarm, which is a monitored video alarm, was serviced and I took the opportunity to discuss the security implications of turning off the tower light. The response was to observe that we did have security lighting that would come on in the event of intrusion onto the roof and that though the tower light itself was a signal from a distance, the notices indicating the installation of a video alarm were likely to be a more effective deterrent.

Like most of us in this time of lockdown, the church is feeling the pinch. We cannot take collections at our Zoom services and the really big financial loss comes from having to cancel the fete. So, sponsorship of the tower light would be very much appreciated. We have suggested £10 for the flood lights to be switched on from dusk to dawn on one night and £40 for a whole week of illumination.

Should you feel moved to turn on the lights, it might be easiest to send an email to me and a donation by bank transfer to our account at Barclays code: 20-65-21, Account number: 30368024 or just give me a ring.

All good wishes,

Robert Wilson

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