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Cuddesdon and Denton Community Website


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Welcome to the Community Website for Cuddesdon and Denton

This website is for the people living in and around Cuddesdon and Denton. Wherever you are in the world we hope you enjoy reading about our wonderful rural community in Oxfordshire, England.

If you live in Cuddesdon or Denton and would like to contribute to the website then please use the contact link above. Anything you want included is always welcome, whether it is news, comment, information about a village organisation, something you want to advertise for sale or to buy, or anything else.


Next Events

Women's Institute
Wed 30th Apr 14 - 06:30PM
Parish Council Meeting
Tue 6th May 14 - 07:30PM
Women's Institute
Wed 7th May 14 - 07:45PM
Church Fete
Sat 10th May 14 - 02:00PM
Parish Council Meeting
Tue 3rd Jun 14 - 07:30PM
Women's Institute
Wed 4th Jun 14 - 07:00PM
Strawberry Fayre
Sun 8th Jun 14 - 02:30PM
Parish Council Meeting
Tue 1st Jul 14 - 07:30PM
Women's Institute
Wed 2nd Jul 14 - 07:45PM
Women's Institute
Wed 6th Aug 14 - 07:45PM