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Morland House Surgery News - October 2022

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22/23 Winter Covid and Flu Vaccination Programme

Morland House Surgery is pleased to be offering both the Covid-19 Autumn Booster vaccine and the annual flu vaccine. We are now taking bookings for our Saturday clinics in October. If you have not yet been contacted, please visit to find out if you are eligible for either or both vaccines and then contact our reception team on 018656 872448 to book yours.


Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS)

On 29th September 2022 Morland House will move to electronic prescribing. Most prescriptions are now prepared this way. You have two choices for how this works:

You can choose a pharmacy or dispenser to dispense all your prescriptions. When you are issued a prescription, it will be sent electronically to the pharmacy you have chosen. You can collect your medicines or appliances without having to hand in a paper prescription.

You can decide each time you are issued a prescription where you would like it to be dispensed. When you are issued a prescription, you will be given a paper copy that you can take to any pharmacy or other dispenser in England. The paper copy will contain a unique barcode that will be scanned to download your prescription from the secure NHS database.

Paper prescriptions will continue to be available in special circumstances, but almost all prescriptions will be processed electronically.


Remember, for the quickest and safest way to order your repeat medication, please set up an NHS Log In. Download the NHS App on your smartphone or open the NHS website in a web browser to set up and log into your NHS account. To find out more please visit  or click on the link on the Morland House website home page 


Dispensary Update

From 5th September our dispensary moved its opening time from 8am to 8.30am, both on weekdays and Saturdays. Surgery hours remain as before. 

Please also note that dispensers are no longer able to send a reminder text message notifying patients that their medication is ready to collect, instead, please allow three working days from the date of submission of your prescription request to when you arrive to collect your medication. Thank you for supporting us with these changes.


Enhanced Access

From October 2022, Morland House will be offering additional Enhanced Access hours to our patients at various times during the week. Appointments offered will include GP appointments, blood test appointments, travel clinics, NHS health checks and more. Please speak to a receptionist or book your appointment online via your NHS log in.


Visit Morland House Website

For up-to-date information about services, the COVID-19 vaccine, a link to the NHS App and opening hours, please visit In addition, the website provides access to a large amount of information and advice on managing your health and wellbeing, including a large range of conditions, symptoms, treatments, and medicines.