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From the Parish Council Chairman - June 2024

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Can I start by thanking everyone who worked on, and all those who attended, the Village Fete.

This was a small triumph for all of us. We have once again pulled the whole community together for a brilliant afternoon and also raised many £1,000s of pounds to keep the roof on the church. I appreciate that we don’t all attend on a weekly basis, but All Saints is one of the crowning glories of our Parish and we all want it to be standing long after we’re gone.

The pub, as many of you know, is a tough nut to crack. Please do read Nicko’s report on the current state of affairs in this newsletter. On the PC we all hope for the best (while fearing for the worst) and will make our decision based on the realistic thoughts of the village and what we think gives the most likelihood of a Bat & Ball that reopens as a community space.

You’ll have noted that we’re on the hunt for our new Parish Clerk. Please come and help the village. None of the Councillors get paid but the Clerk does. It’s not a game-changing remuneration but you do get to help shape the future of our Parish, help the community in an important role and hear everything first!

With the Orchard lease ongoing, the search for a new clerk, the pub closure and a host of other issues going on  - from trees falling on the high street and potholes everywhere …. There’s a lot we need to get done.

But we look forward to more sunshine in our beautiful parish. We’ve had enough rain to make it this pretty. But could it now just stop. For a bit. Please.