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Parish News - February 2022

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We have applied for Cuddesdon Green and the recreation ground to be officially registered as village greens.

Both these areas of land are owned by the Parish Council and registering them gives them much greater protection so they will always be available for public enjoyment. Also, they will be protected against being sold off or developed in the future. The only changes which will be allowed are ones which “enhance their recreational use”. Denton Green was registered in 1968 so it is already protected as a village green.

As Chris Luke mentioned in his chairman’s report last month, we have applied to have the wards of Cuddesdon and Denton combined into a single ward for parish council elections. This will stop candidates being concerned about which ward to stand in, if there might be too many candidates in one ward and not enough in the other. It will also mean that everyone is represented by all the councillors, and it will remove the possibility of unnecessary elections.

There is a possibility that the District Council will want to reduce the total number of councillors from seven to six if the wards are combined, but we have asked to be allowed to consider withdrawing the application if that is the case.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in support of replacing the swings on the recreation ground. The grant application has now been submitted and it will be several months before we find out if it has been successful.

The trees at the bottom of the recreation ground which came down in last autumn’s storm have now been tidied up. The wood has been left in habitat piles to rot away naturally, and provide a home for small wild animals and plants. As little as possible has been cut away from the damaged trees and hopefully they will sprout again in the spring.

The District Council has granted the planning application for erection of walls and an access gate at 1 Dove Lane (P21/S3304/HH), and the Parish Council supports the application at The Orchard in Cuddesdon High Street for the replacement of the existing lean-to extensions with a side lean-to and a rear extension (P22/S0075/HH and P22/S0077/LB).

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk