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Parish News - November 2022

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Cuddesdon Green and the recreation ground have now been registered as village greens by the County Council.

This means we will all be able to enjoy them as public recreation areas for ever. There are now severe restrictions on any developments being allowed on them. Denton Green is already protected because it was registered as a village green in the sixties.

The District Council has agreed that the two wards of Cuddesdon and Denton shall be combined into a single ward. This means that, for parish council elections in future, all the candidates will stand for the whole community and all the electors will be able to vote for any of them. There will still be seven councillors and they will all represent the entire community.

138 tickets were sold for the fireworks, so the attendance was very similar to previous years. We bought more fireworks this year and the display was as good as ever. The bonfire was very wet because of the heavy rain but the firelighting team managed to get it lit although it did not burn for very long. As usual, we made a small loss on the evening. The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who helped with organisation of the event, including Ian Brown, Anne Keene, Therese Luke, Susannah McGuiness, Amy Palmer, Graeme Sellar, Salt Sellar, Bishop Humphrey Southern, and Tash and Jez Turner.

The new swings have finally been installed in the play area on the recreation ground, and I hope everyone is enjoying them. We are indebted to FCC for providing funding for the project through the landfill tax. The contribution to the project from the Parish Council was just over £1100, which was the administrative fee charged by FCC.

The bridge at Cuddesdon Mill was damaged by traffic last winter. We have been pressing the County Council to repair it, but they will not commit to a date when they will do this.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk