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Parish News - March 2023

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The Bat and Ball is now closed, hopefully only temporarily.

The Parish Council is investigating having it listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). If the pub was an ACV then the community would have the opportunity to bid for it if it was put up for sale on the open market. We could then make sure that it was kept for everyone to enjoy as a pub, rather than being redeveloped for a different use like houses or flats.

The application process to become an ACV includes giving examples of how the pub furthers the social wellbeing of the community, a description of the impact of its loss, plans for its future management, and evidence of support for the proposal from the community. There will, of course, also need to be consideration of how the purchase might be funded.

It will take a while to make the application and the Parish Council is keen to hear from anyone who would be prepared to assist with this project.

Landscaping of the open areas at the Dove House development had been delayed because the Planning Department at the District Council had not agreed what should be done. Agreement has now been reached and the landscaping is going ahead. The Parish Council is disappointed that the District Council paid little attention to our views about the landscaping. Nevertheless, hopefully the general appearance of the area will improve dramatically, particularly the parts near the road.

The slopes of both ends of the path behind the wall at the development have been made more shallow, because there had been complaints that they were too steep which made the path dangerous, particularly in icy weather.

The planning application at 1 Dove House Lane (P23/S0094/HH) has been modified and no longer includes the garage, only the pergola.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk