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Parish News - March 2024

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Richard Farrant and Susan Jupp have very kindly agreed to lease the uncultivated part of their field just below the recreation ground to the Parish Council, and this will be made into a Village Orchard.

The lease for the land is for 50 years and will be for nothing, which is normally called a peppercorn rent, although Richard has suggested it should be an apple rent. It is amazingly generous of Richard and Susan to let us use this land at no charge.

There is an enthusiastic group of villagers, led by Ron Stern, who have masterminded this project and they will be managing the Orchard. It may well be that some trees will be planted soon, even before the lease is formally agreed.

Tim Bearder, our county councillor, has been successful in getting us a bus service for the village, which will run to Oxford. The number 49 bus will start in Cuddesdon, going through Denton and Garsington, and then on to Oxford.

It will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, taking 50 minutes to get to Oxford. It will leave Cuddesdon at 1000 and return from Oxford at 1305, giving the opportunity to be in Oxford for a couple of hours. The service starts on 18th April and its route goes via Templar’s Square.

The service will be operated by an accessible minibus from Oxfordshire County Council’s internal fleet.

At the Parish Council’s request, the District Council has broadened the footpath in the High Street opposite the Village Hall by digging back the encroaching verge. For several years we have been asking the County Council to improve the surface of this footpath because it is uneven and not safe, but no rectification work has yet been done.

The District Council has approved the planning application for conversion of the Tithe Barn at Dove House (P23/S4142/S73 and P23/S4119/LB).

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk