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From the Parish Council Chairman - March 2023

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I hope everyone is surviving the salad crunch and paucity of peppers that’s hit the UK just in time for lent.

Don’t forget that tomatoes don’t keep as long as loo roll when panic buying. While it’s worrying that the crops in southern Spain and north Africa seem to be another warning about the effects of climate change, I also wonder if the media telling us that there’s a shortage of anything helps to create a run on it and makes the situation worse.

We are, of course, very lucky that we are often so little inconvenienced by big world problems. This might not always be the case moving forward which is why doing the little things is never a wasted effort, even if it doesn’t seem that we can effect anything much in our tiny parish.

Speaking of which our parish clerk, Mike, mentions in his notes that there’s a parish council election coming up. He’s right to say that it would be brilliant for our community to have as many people as possible showing an interest in joining the PC. If you think you can spare a little of your time, then it’s a great way to help run our parish. There are seven spots and they are rarely filled without the need to co-opt a few councillors. I don’t mean to vote myself off the council but wouldn’t it be better to have lots of villagers signing up from every corner of the parish?

In the meantime I want to thank the team who’ve been helping on the the PC for the last 4 years (5 in fact due to the pandemic) and everyone who gives their time to make our community better. There are so many unsung heroes working on the Village Hall Committee, WI, Fete, Church, Bonfire Night, and litter picking, to name just a few jobs that are just like housework; nobody notices if you do it or not, until you don’t. Thanks to you all. I encourage everyone to step forward, join in and help if you can. It makes Cuddesdon & Denton better.

Ohana,  Chris