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From the Parish Council Chairman - September 2023

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You wait for years and then three come along at once…

No, I’m not referring to buses, as I fear we might not see that service returning any time soon, but to the three footpath bridges that have been repaired around our sleepy patch since I last wrote. Many thanks to the County Council’s Countryside Operations team for getting this work done. We’ve been asking for some considerable time but it’s a simple pleasure to be walking along the footpaths of our parish and finally see foot bridges repaired. Not that the dogs care, as they’re determined to splash straight into the streams and get as muddy as possible, but at least it gives me the option to stay dry….

In his PC notes Mike, our Parish Clerk, reports that we have a full Parish Council again. A big welcome to Louisa, Philip and Evie and I hope we can all serve the parish well over the next four years. I always say this, but the PC exists for everyone in the community and please ask if we can help, contact us and join us at meetings if you can spare the time. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm and meetings are open to the whole parish.

I want to thank everybody who served on the previous PC team – David, Richard, Colin & Paddy – who helped us through the covid pandemic as well as all the regular parish business over the extended last term of 5 years (and terms before that, amounting to decades serving Cuddesdon & Denton). Thank you for your time, resources and expertise helping the community and I hope we can call on all of you at times in the future.

While the new PC has some difficult issues to deal with, including the ongoing pub closure, Autumn does bring a few community events as well. We prepare for Bonfire Night on Sunday 5th November and then Remembrance Sunday on Cuddesdon Green a week later.

Happy October to all in Cuddesdon & Denton. Aside from Munich, obviously, there’s no place I’d rather be at this time of year. Wouldn’t it be great to have a beer though?