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From the Parish Council Chairman - November 2023

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I hope to see you all at our Bonfire Night on 5th November.

We’ve locked in our ticket price of £5 for fireworks and a hotdog (both pork and veggie options) but also offer you a glass of wine or a beer. With the Bat & Ball closed it’s important that we all meet up on that Sunday evening and celebrate the beginning of winter together.

Many apologies to almost all of you for being harassed by Parish Councillors with our survey about traffic calming. As most of you will know, we have been offered the chance to make the Parish a 20mph zone and we decided to ask everyone what they thought. It was a great chance to ask wider questions about the areas of concern throughout our Parish and thanks to everyone for your time at the door-step. We’ll be sifting through a wide range of great suggestions and, while there are limits to what we can achieve in much of the Parish, we will do our best to find a balance between maintaining the rural nature of our community and enhancing the safety of everyone on our roads. We’ll be discussing it further at our November meeting on 7th of the month at 7.30pm if you’d like to join us.

Meanwhile, in my own patch I am battling with a badger, a mole and a family of squirrels who are all turning our garden into a ploughed field…. again. I have purchased a humanitarian orange gadget that is supposed to release a sonic beep that scares them all away. They’re all very happy at the moment and haven’t gone anywhere. I hate the beep and they’re all immune.

I’ll let you all know how I get on with the wildlife and the traffic calming schemes. In priority order, obviously.