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Parish News - March 2022

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For a while the Parish Council has thought that there should be steps on the steep part of the footpath leading down from the bottom of the recreation ground.

The footpath was unsafe, particularly when it was wet and muddy. Following removal of the storm damaged trees, the steps have now been built. Another set of steps has also been installed lower down leading on to the road. This means that the footpaths below the recreation ground are now accessible for more people to enjoy.

We had hoped that the District Council would make a grant available to fund the steps but they were not prepared to do this. Instead, we have used some funds we had from the Community Infrastructure Levy. This is a charge which is made occasionally when particular planning applications are granted. For the first time we have received money from the levy. The amount we received was just over £3,700 and the steps cost £2,430 so there is some money left over. This has to be spent on infrastructure, but this has a fairly broad definition.

Some councillors have had a meeting with a representative from the County Council to discuss the safety of the roads in the village. The traffic officer was opposed to increasing traffic management of the roads unnecessarily, and recommended that careful thought should be given concerning any changes. He was not convinced a 20mph speed limit was necessary because the traffic speed is fairly low anyway, and the Parish Council agrees with this.

If traffic calming was introduced it would have to be funded by the Parish Council. Instead, we are looking at less intrusive measures, such as cutting back trees where they have grown out over the road, and persuading drivers to drive more slowly as they enter Cuddesdon from Wheatley.

The District Council has granted the planning application at The Orchard in Cuddesdon High Street for the replacement of the existing lean-to extensions with a side lean-to and a rear extension (P22/S0075/HH and P22/S0077/LB). The Parish Council has supported an amendment to the application for the detached garage at Chiltern View in Cuddesdon (P21/S4914/HH).

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk