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Parish News - April 2022

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I am very pleased to let you know that the County Council has agreed that Cuddesdon Green and the Recreation Ground should be designated as village greens.

This means that we will be able to enjoy them in perpetuity as public spaces and they cannot be sold off or built on.

As a matter of interest, the triangular area of land opposite the churchyard entrance is not included as a part of Cuddesdon Green. It is not shown on Cuddesdon Green’s title deed map, it does not have a reference number on the land registry map, and the County Council do not consider it to be their responsibility. The Parish Council has maintained it for many years so by default we consider it to be our responsibility.

There are two new planning applications. One is for replacement of a conservatory with a single storey extension at the Bailiffs House in Chippinghurst. (P22/S1270/HH) and the other is for installation of new ramped and stepped access to College House at Ripon College (P22/S1329/FUL and P22/S1331/LB).

2022 is Cuddesdon and Denton Parish Council’s sixtieth anniversary. Before that Cuddesdon had its own Parish Council and Denton had what was called a Parish Meeting. Denton’s meetings took place fairly infrequently and did not appear to be very democratic. I have very few records of what was discussed.

Cuddesdon and Denton was formed from the amalgamation of the two parishes and the Parish Council’s first meeting took place on 12th April 1962. E Bowes had been Cuddesdon Parish Council’s chairman and he was elected chairman of the new Parish Council. The other councillors were B Day, H Luckett, N Palmer and C Styles, together with two recently elected councillors from Denton, who were A Crocker and R Jenkins. The Clerk was W Smith. Among the topics discussed at the meeting were installing the street lamp on Cuddesdon Green and upkeep of the recreation ground, which seemed to be in a poor state.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk