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Parish News - September 2022

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Some time ago the bridge at the Mill was damaged.

The County Council Highways Department had said they would try to repair it before the winter. Nothing has happened yet so I am chasing them again to have the repairs done.

We have ordered the replacement swings for the recreation ground. There was a delay in doing this because there were some administrative difficulties with the grant provider. They have now given the go ahead for the project, but the supplier of the swings has not yet given a date when they will be installed.

The Parish Council has had a report of someone being bitten by a dog on the recreation ground. Please control your dog. If it is at all aggressive or there is a possibility that it might bite someone then please keep it on a lead and under proper control. People can then be relaxed when they are enjoying our open spaces and public footpaths.

There are still concerns about the state of the lane near the Dove House development. At present the verges look untidy although Natta have assured us that they will be tidied up. The plans for the area only include a small amount of tree planting near the lane to replace removed trees, retain the rural character of the area and provide screening. We are in discussion with the District Council’s Tree Officer to try to ensure that sufficient new trees are planted.

Further afield the County Council is intending to install more traffic filters on some of Oxford’s roads, where only buses but not cars will be allowed to pass. This will affect some more significant routes into the city, such as St Clements near Magdalen Bridge. It will have a significant effect on people from our area wanting to go into Oxford by car and the Parish Council is opposed to it. You can see more about the proposed traffic filters on the County Council website, where you can also take part in a consultation.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk