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Parish News - August 2022

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Natta’s Technical Director attended July’s parish council meeting and assured us that the frontage of the Dove House development onto the lane will be tidied up.

The lower part next to the new footpath is particularly bad and it will be properly landscaped. There is also concern that some trees in this area have been removed and not replaced. We have written to the District Council’s Tree Officer about this and he has said he will take these concerns into account when more landscaping plans are submitted.

The Parish Council is opposed to the planning application for installation of an underground cable across the parish, through both Cuddesdon and Denton, connecting a solar farm at Milton Common to a substation in Cowley (P22/S2220/FUL). The main objections are because of the inconvenience caused during installation because of the routing along single track roads, damage to the roads, and no obligation for the contractor to rectify any long term problems.

We have worked hard for many years to try to improve the quality of our roads. Installation of the cable will damage the road surfaces and is likely to worsen the drainage, resulting in an increase in the amount of surface water. The Parish Council is of the strong view that the cable should be routed either along larger roads to minimise disruption or by a direct route across open farmland.

The Parish Council has supported the application for conversion and extension of the tithe barn at Dove House Farm into two dwellings (P22/S2074/FUL and P22/S2075/LB). They have also supported a variation to the previous application at the Orchard, 33 High Street to reposition some of the windows (P22/S2610/HH).

The Parish Council has supported the following four applications and they have now been granted by the District Council: erection of a summerhouse at 2 Dove House Lane (P22/S1743/HH); replacement of some of the windows at Ripon College (P21/S2983/LB); erection of an extension to the side and rear of 10 Parkside (P22/S2055/HH); and replacement of existing stores with an extension to the side and rear of 44 High Street (P22/S2108/HH).

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk