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Parish News - June 2022

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We have been successful with our grant application for replacement of the swings on the recreation ground, so thank you to everyone who wrote in support of the project.

We hope replacement will take place in the next two or three months, but this will depend on how quickly the final paperwork can be processed with the grant awarder and when the supplier can install the swings.

There is a new planning application to run a high voltage underground cable through the Parish (P22/S2220/FUL). This will connect a new solar farm near Milton Common to a substation in Cowley. The cable will follow the roads, and will be buried almost one metre deep, needing a trench 0.5m wide.

It will run from Milton Common through Great Milton, crossing the river at Cuddesdon Mill, coming up into Cuddesdon and then down the High Street and Denton Hill. It will then go through Denton to Garsington, and along the B480 to the substation just to the east of Blackbird Leys.

This planning application will be considered by the Parish Council at the meeting on 5th July.

There are four planning applications which the Parish Council has supported and which have subsequently been granted by the District Council. They are for replacement of a conservatory by a single storey extension at The Bailiffs House in Chippinghurst (P22/S1270/HH); for installation of ramped and stepped access to College House at Ripon College (P22/S1329/FUL and P22/S1331/LB); for repositioning of the workshop from a previously granted application at The Orchard, 33 High Street in Cuddesdon (P22/S1371/HH); and for modification to the previous application for alterations and an extension at Willow Cottage in Denton (P22/S0382/HH and P22/S0384/LB).

The Parish Council supports a planning application at 2 Dove House Lane in Cuddesdon to erect a summer house in the garden (P22/S1743/HH).

There are two new planning applications at Dove House Farm. One is a change to the tithe barn, with it being divided into two dwellings rather than one (P22/S2074/FUL and P22/S2075/LB). The other is the discharge of phase 4 of the site’s landscaping condition (P22/S2010/DIS).

And finally there is a planning application at 10 Parkside in Cuddesdon, for new side and rear extensions (P22/S2055/HH).

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk